Pillow Bread Ph's Healthy Bread Treats, Pastries and Coffee

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The Pillow Bread Ph Fat Burn and Digestive Reset Cleanse

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Pillow Bread Ph's Customized Meal Program

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Pillow Bread Ph's Celebration Trays and Packages


Made with love and expertise

We make your health a priority by using the finest and healthiest ingredients from your Pillow Bread Ph pastries and bread treats, to your digestive reset cleanse, to your customized nutrition, your premium Philippine coffee and to your celebrations.



Super thank you for creating this 3-day cleanse. I needed that reset! I feel so good

Jane Cosejo, fitness enthusiast, flight attendant

I love the bread, Pillow soft indeed. The three friends who got their ube Spanish bread enjoyed your products as well. Your bread treats have been helpful with my diet

Arthur Pena, marketing expert,vlogger

The softest bread! Melts in your mouth. Low in sugar, dairy free and refined oil free. No preservatives.

Melissa Gohing, athlete, influencer