All-Liquid Snatched Waist Tummy Rest Set

The 3-day cleanse is a program designed to give your digestive system time to rest so it can get rid of toxins that have been built up from food intake and lifestyle. Weight loss and less bloated feeling are the results of the 3-day cleanse. The 3-day set consists of warm high fiber morning detox drink, low carb vegan bulletproof shake, lean green boost juice, and soup for the soul.
The set includes 9 drinks and 3 soups which will serve as meal replacement good for three days. It consists of Ginger Turmeric Warmies drink, Peachy Peach Brekky drink, Sugar-free Green Slushee and Soups for the soul (for dinner) with tomato, pumpkin & cauliflower flavors. All are plant-based, dairy-free and fiber rich.
Generally, all our products are safe for consumption regardless of your medical condition. However, we would always suggest that you consult your physician first.
Generally, all our products are safe for consumption regardless of your medical condition. However, we would always suggest that you consult your physician first.
Our 3-day cleanse program is not similar to the usual detox programs that have laxative effects. Yes, headaches may be experienced, but this is mainly because of the body's response to withdrawal from sugar and carbs due to unhealthy eating habits. Headaches usually last for 1-2 days and are perfectly normal and tolerable.
Depending on your goal, we would usually advise you to only consume the products for the cleanse. You may eat 30g of berries for snacks, or cucumbers. We suggest you only eat these two because they have low glucose content.
Since you will mostly be consuming liquids for the duration of the cleanse, we recommend that you adjust your workout to a lighter routine. You may do yoga and LIIT (low intensity steady state) cardio exercises.
Doing the cleanse is like taking your inner digestive system to a spa for a rest. We would recommend that you do the cleanse once every two weeks.
It's not a juice cleanse or bone broth. Both methods are nutritionally unbalanced. The Pillow Bread Ph 3-day all liquid snatched waist cleanse is uniquely designed so you get the full benefits of a digestive reset while ensuring that you still get the essential macro and micronutrients for the day.
For the 3-day cleanse program, we deliver all items at once. Moreover, when ordering, we usually ask our clients the question, "when do you want to start your cleanse?" in order to schedule the delivery of their orders. We usually deliver the night before they begin their cleanse. Orders are set for dispatch as early as 1 PM onwards.
If possible, we suggest no caffeine intake during the cleanse. But if you really have to, you may have tea or coffee once a day without sugar & creamer. You might want to check out our Vegan Bulletproof Coffee which you can drink during your cleanse.
Clients were asked immediately after they had the cleanse. Here are their responses: “Hello. Im feeling good right now. As of yesterday, I discovered that I had lost 2 kilos. Also, I feel less tired and have been sleeping well. Importantly, the feeling of bloatedness was no more. My husband had better results. He lost 4kgs and benefited alot with his tummy lost its bloatedness. Overall, I am happy with our respective results. Thank you” - Mary Lyn Eco "“Wow. In just one day my weight went from 60.20kg to 59.10. Amazing. Nawala agad yung kinain kong fruit salad nung holidays😅 Thank you for being true to your promise of helping us lose weight in a healthy way. Scale don't lie😊 Still feeling great po. No bloating I felt lighter. Ang galing lang ng program nyo. Ive done keto and IF but Ive never lost weight this fast in just 2 days. Yes definitely with the inch loss. Kasya na ulit ang 28 waistline na pants. 🫶 Food is great lalo yung peachy peachy brekky and the cauliflower soup. I weighed myself today when I woke up and I still lost some more. This is a really good jumpstart for my weightloss journey. The weight that I should shred off in 2 weeks, I did it in just 3 days. Thank you so much.” - Jessica Chisa Berdan “Hello!! I lost 6 lbs (I was very bloated!) overall when I checked. I noticed my skin improved and I feel light. Good sleep too. Will definitely do it again!" - Rita Harriet Alo

Plant-Based Bulletproof Coffee

Yes. Plant-based Bulletproof Coffee is dairy free and is perfect for anyone who is lactose intolerant.
Yes, our coffee is crafted to be not only rich in flavor but also gentle on the stomach. This is a great choice for coffee lovers who may experience acid reflux.

Customized Nutrition Program

Yes, our nutrition program is tailored to accommodate individual needs, including specific medical conditions. We customize the program based on your preferences, dietary requirements, and any food restrictions you may have. The ultimate goal is to help you achieve your health objectives.
We suggest that you place the meals in the fridge avoid them getting spoiled.

Tummy Rest Set plus Calorie-Monitored Breakfast and Lunch

The set includes calorie-monitored breakfast and lunch, a variety of low-carb vegan snacks, and a comforting low carb vegan soup for the soul dinner. All items are plant-based, dairy-free, and fiber-rich. The set may be designed for either a 3-day or 5-day duration, depending on your preference.
The Tummy Rest set supports weight management through its low-carb and vegan options. Thoughtfully selected ingredients reduce bloating, promoting digestive ease and leaving you feeling light and rejuvenated. It also fosters overall digestive health, allowing you to nourish your body while enjoying delicious flavors. Additionally, it contributes to improved sleep quality, recognizing the importance of a rested digestive system in our fast-paced world.
You may eat your regular breakfast and lunch with this bundle then 1 snack from our snacks set and 1 soup for dinner per day